List of compatible miners

California Gold Rush Miners with Long Tom and Mining Tools

Bitgrin have 2 algo :

It is a rule of thumb,


if your GPU has at least 5.5 gb but less than 10.5 gb


you have at least or close to 11 GB

This is not necessary true since miner develop C31 for GPU with lower than 11 GB, but it will give low performance.

Initially 6 months after genesis, C29 (90%) vs C31 (10%) was due to decrease by 3.75% each month until they hit 100% block reward on C31 (that would have taken 2 years)

A quick list

  1. Grinpro miner -

  2. Miner Master ?

  3. so on


Cuckaroo29 gminer is on par with Bminer

Cuckatoo31 Bminer is the king


lolminer, GrinProMiner are nice.